And So It Begins!

Things are starting to come together!

Plans are being made, budgets are being set up, dates are being picked and 3 months from now I will be getting ready to hop on a plane and take off to Africa!

I want to thank you all in advance, for taking the time to read this, for your support whether it be financially, through prayer, or simply supporting and encouraging me in this journey! You all are so amazing and such a huge part of this trip!

This is the blog I will be using to keep you all updated as things move ahead, different ways that you could be able to help out (I’m emailing with Brenda who is in Africa right now about school supplies they might need or that I could bring over!!) as well as keeping you informed during my time over seas!

Here’s a little blip about the organization I’ll be working with and what I will be doing while I’m there!

Brenda Kean is the missionary living in Nairobi Kenya and has started an organization called “Jacaranda Ministries”. Jacaranda Ministries is an organization that helps the local women in Nairobi learn things like sewing and bead work to be able to provide for their families! She has also started a pre-school in Nairobi which is now expanding to include grade one! My time in Kenya with Brenda will be mostly spent in the school, helping to expand to include the grade one class, as the school year in Kenya starts in January and runs until December I will be arriving relatively early in the school year! I will be sure to update you all as plans come together and my “job description” becomes more defined for the months that I will be there! Thank you again for all of your support and encouragement while I’m preparing to go!


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