Countdown is on!

Can you believe that 10 weeks, and 2 days from now, I’ll be in Africa!

Things are continuing to come together and I’m so excited! Part of me wants it to hurry up and be here already and part of me is panicking because I’m no where near ready to go!!

For anyone who missed my last blog post, that’s where I have the list of school supplies and things they could use in the classroom if anyone has things they would like to send with me! If you would like more details it would be great if you would check out the post, and either email, Facebook message or text me of anything you would like to donate or questions you might have! 🙂

I finally have my online profile set up for anyone who is waiting and has been asking to be able to make online donations! Here is the link and any support is greatly appreciated!

Learning Swahili so far is going great! I can confidently say Egg, Apple, Coffee and Sandwich so there’s no chance of me going hungry that’s for sure! Slowly but surely I’m learning!

Thank you again for you support, prayers are always greatly appreciated as I prepare for this trip, as exciting and amazing as it is, there are always challenges and obstacles in the journey!


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