Crunch Time


Where has the time gone?! I really can’t believe that I’m 27 days away from taking off and landing in Kenya! Then again, I’ve been waiting for this day for a while so I really couldn’t be happier that it’s coming together.  Some small bumps in the road as I’ve been planning, but I should have been more prepared for those, we all knew they were coming!

I’ve spent the last few weeks doing the things that I need to do to make sure everything is in order for my trip and so far things have been coming together well (with a little bit of much needed help from my parents!). I was lucky enough to be able to visit on Skype with my host, Brenda, and get some more direction from her in how I could prepare better and bring over what’s needed there! I’m now at the point in my planning where I have myself pretty well at maximum capacity with what I’m capable of preparing and taking over and doing on my own so now I’m going to throw it out there… I need some help!!

Mom is in the process of checking with Air Canada to see what the chances are and costs of being able to send over more luggage or packages with me full of school supplies when I go, but until we have confirmation of that I’m focusing on packing SUPER light and taking over as much with me as I can! I’m hoping that some of you would be willing to donate school supplies to take over! This would save me a lot of shopping and a lot of costs and the school would be ecstatic to have the supplies!!

Now I would generally give you a list of what kind of things I need or would use or the school is looking for, but after talking to Brenda and getting a better handle on things, you can ask me if I would be able to use it or take it over and it doesn’t matter what it is, I’m simply going to say “yes” and figure out a way to get it there and use it.  I knew prior to my visit with Brenda that I would be working in Slums but during my last trip I didn’t do any work in slums, simply drove by them and got to see them from a distance.  I feel like I got to focused on taking over what they needed or only taking over specific things but after talking with Brenda I was quickly reminded there that the needs in Kenya are great, and the supplies are few, in every area! So anything and everything that I can take over, I’m going to!

The last bit that I could use help in is fund raising.  After talking to Brenda she advised me that as great as it is that I can be bringing things over with me, once I’m actually there, there are going to be things at the school, projects, improvements, ideas, that we are going to want to do.  She told me “We are going to want you to do them and be in full support of them but our funds are minimal so we wouldn’t be able to enable you to do them, as much as we might agree that it’s a great idea!” so because of this, on top of the funds that I still need to finish raising personally for my trip to cover the cost of my time there, I would like to try and raise money over and above what is “necessary” so that I could go over and truly be a help to Brenda, her family and staff and to the schools and students I will be working with!

If you feel like you would be in a position to support me financially please know that I would be extremely grateful as will all the schools and students you would be helping!

Well, there you have it!

For anyone interested in donating financial support, you can check out my online profile (I’ve included the link below). Please know that I nor the missionaries pocket any of the funds donated! It all goes directly into a savings fund managed by the PAOC, I don’t touch or keep any of it!
For anyone with supplies or gifts for the kids (the kids in Africa go crazzzzy for suckers! :P) that you want to donate, feel free to bring them by Andrew Agencies during the day as I will be at work, drop them at my house directly, bring them by church on a Sunday morning for those wanting to donate from the church, or let me know you have supplies and I will gladly come pick them up from you!

Please know that any and everything you can give is going to change some little boy or girl’s life in such a great way. I can’t thank you enough for your support to be able to go on this adventure.

All my Love and God Bless,

Nicole                                                                                                                                                                                            306-577-3274                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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