I’ve posted on FaceBook a time or two, and this week I shared in my local news paper about sponsorship and the need or support in this area,  and for those that read this and maybe don’t see the local news paper, or haven’t seen my posts on FaceBook, I would like to cover all my bases and make sure that everyone is getting the opportunity to help out with sponsorship if it’s something they wish to be a part of!

There are currently 10 little munchkins left at the Jacaranda Marurui school that need to be sponsored! These are kids that I have been able to get to know, to teach and to spend time with over my few months of being here and it has been made known to me that some of them are new students that have only been here since January and are in need of sponsors to help out their families with some of the school fees!

The parents are all doing great at paying whatever they can to make sure their child has a uniform and is getting fed at the school, but when some of these families have multiple children all in school, sponsorship is such a great blessing to help them out and make sure that everything is covered and there are no fees left out or being missed, and these parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child isn’t going to be kicked out of school due to lack of payment.

Sponsorship isn’t a super expensive or daunting commitment, but is a huge blessing to a mother, a child, a family.  I ask that this is something you consider doing and if you would like information on cost for sponsorship, the ways you can donate towards sponsorship, or even some smaller way like paying for a food basket for a family, buying shoes for a child or anything along these lines, please email me and I would be happy to let you know all of the ways you can help out! 🙂

Your support means the world not only to these kids but also to myself, knowing that my time here isn’t something will come to an end eventually until I can come and visit again, and knowing that these children have the support to stay in school, to be here when I come back to visit again and not worry about them being back on the streets or hungry is a feeling I can’t quite put into words! So in advance, Thank you!

casey.nicole@outlook.com is where you can reach me with any questions 🙂


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