Well, here I am. Back again after a few months absence. 

Okay, so it’s been over a year. But who’s counting. 

I’m back for a whole new set of reasons this time. And whether someone stumbles upon this blog of mine, or if no eyes other than mine ever glance this way again, I hope to stick with it this time around.  

I’ve recently been encouraged… inspired, if you would, by a friend of mine. Who religiously blogs, once a week, while she’s on a journey of seeking, self-discovery and ultimately change. In one of her more recent posts, I was reminded of a time when I sat down with my journal, and genuinely wrote my heart out, on to those pages. I was reminded of what a strong, encouraging tool it is to write, and reflect. Not only to see where I’ve been, but to push ahead to where my dreams were taking me. 

And so here I am, back again, restarting in a New place, a new time, with new motivation and passion. To not let myself flounder and fall anymore, but to reflect, recharge, and push on. To share my heart, the lessons I learn, both easy and hard, the “light bulb” moments I occasionally stumble upon, and to give myself something to build upon. 

I’m hoping I’ve done what I needed to, to “unsubscribe” people from notifications of this blog, as I hope to write once a week and would hate to bother those who were here years gone by for stories of Africa. Because as much as I hate to say it, I can confidently tell you, the humble mutterings you will find on here now will pale in comparison to the days spent in Kenya. 

So, here’s my first note to my new start! 
Until next week, friends. 

Adiós ✌🏼


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